Zucchini and Bagpipes in the Park

Yesterday has to have been one of the cutest little days ever. I visited Anne*, an elderly woman who I stayed with when I was visiting the university campus last year. She's pretty fantastic, and unlike me, she still has all her marbles and then some. I came for a cuppa and to pick up my… Continue reading Zucchini and Bagpipes in the Park


Losing My Marbles: Mardi Gras

This week has seen me start lectures, sing along to The Lion King, obtain yet more free things (spaghetti, banana smoothies, shoes, bread), join too many clubs, do regular laundry (important !), turn my white singlet pink, lose my card twice, and lose my keys once. But let me start with Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras: an O'… Continue reading Losing My Marbles: Mardi Gras