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Philosophy, Sexuality, and Christian Me

I don't know where I want to go with this post, but that's ultimately how most of my blog updates go, so we're doing good. I went on a Philosophy field trip last weekend and it was an absolute whale of a time. I met heaps of wonderfully weird humans akin to myself, had phantastic… Continue reading Philosophy, Sexuality, and Christian Me

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What Are we Aware of?

I'm not sure how I feel about awareness weeks. It's Mental Health Awareness Week this October, and on one hand I think that's fantastic - because maintaining mental health is so fundamental to our overall wellbeing, because it is still a poorly understood issue, because it is grossly underfunded and sidelined, because New Zealand has… Continue reading What Are we Aware of?

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Snooty Realtors, Futsal Wins and oh yeah, Assignments

The term is coming to an end, and so much has been squeezed into these last few weeks! First of all, somewhat dramatically, one of the previous owners of our hall has sold their share for the property, which has meant that we've had snooty real estate agents giving tours of our home while we're… Continue reading Snooty Realtors, Futsal Wins and oh yeah, Assignments