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1/4 Down Already?!

I think I'm falling in love with the South Island. The image above is from outside my bus window in Hamner Springs, which is where I started writing this particular blog. I had time to kill and the site has been looking a little dry lately. Update: the trip was brilliant! Would recommend. Plus the view over… Continue reading 1/4 Down Already?!

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December, Decisions and Doing Dumb Things

It's chaotic. The time of year where time miraculously jumps into 6th gear and you wonder how you ended up in December already. At least that's how I feel.. This post has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas: I just needed an image. I am a person who is often either planning ahead or reflecting… Continue reading December, Decisions and Doing Dumb Things


Procrastination: My ZineFest Fail

I did a most absolutely uncharacteristically Abby thing today: I left it until the last minute. Anyone who knows me knows that I am never that I'll-do-it-later person, whose deadlines creep up until they're on the floor hyperventilating due to the very real threat of a failed assessment, angry parent, or disappointed friend. I know… Continue reading Procrastination: My ZineFest Fail