About Me

Welcome to my site, Bohemian Humanist. My name is Abby and I fancied getting my voice out there…and throwing it into the gaping abyss that is the internet.

I set up this website in October 2016, after discovering my love of blogging when writing about my travels. I hope the content of my site makes you think, makes you laugh, and maybe cry (hopefully from laughter) as I do write some pretty oddball stuff.

The pseudonym Bohemian Humanist is a pretty accurate descriptor of me as a person. I consider myself artsy, hippie-like and socially unconventional, as well as a grounded humanist, with an interest in spirituality and philosophy. I have a passion for music, environmental issues, political activism, and I hope I can make some kind of positive difference in this world.I hope you find even an ounce of the joy I feel writing and creating when you peruse my site. Thanks for hanging out, habibti!