Brick Phone Bliss – Day 23

It's been over 3 weeks since I said goodbye to my iPhone and hello to my swanky Huawei HB5A2 (easily pre-2008 release, though I'm estimating). It has been so refreshing and now it just feels like second nature to text and call off this piece of ancient history. I can honestly say it has been… Continue reading Brick Phone Bliss – Day 23


Out of the Loop – Day 8

By this stage in my little iPhone-free month long experiment, I'm pretty well adjusted to my old school, not-so-smartphone. It has been rather freeing to be without constant nagging notifications from various social media; I get to control when I log in, rather than being perpetually receptiveĀ on my iPhone. There are a couple of things… Continue reading Out of the Loop – Day 8


Cold Turkey – Day 1

Guess what I had for breakfast...? A very Instagram-worthy chia seed pudding with banana, nuts, crumbled bliss balls, and coconut sugar. I had the strongest urge to document it, which is ultimately quite embarrassing to confess. I resisted, and then I analysed what drives me to want to share my eating habits. I think Instagram… Continue reading Cold Turkey – Day 1