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Inflatable Crocodiles, Dora-the-Exploring and an Angry Gust

"I looked in the rear view mirror and all I saw was 'gators" is a sentence I never imagined my girlfriend (or anyone, for that matter) uttering - but it's 2023 and anything is possible. Waitangi weekend saw my partner and I tenting at Rakahuri (Ashley Gorge). Our modest abode for the mutunga wiki She… Continue reading Inflatable Crocodiles, Dora-the-Exploring and an Angry Gust

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Windwhistle Adventures

The other weekend, some pals and I made our way to a little walking loop track by the name of Washpen Falls. It is a marvellous wee nature walk in a place called Windwhistle, if you can believe. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Bench of Gratitude, but I did manage too come away… Continue reading Windwhistle Adventures

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Adventures in Tāmaki Makaurau

Entirely due to a steep incline in my obsession with Remi Wolf, I did something ~highly spontaneous~, at least by Abby standards. They Cool, They Tight Somewhat late to the game, I hadn't an inkling that she was touring the Antipodes until my mate gave me a heads up. Unfortunately, The Babe Herself had sold… Continue reading Adventures in Tāmaki Makaurau