Weep (2022 Poem)

Hey ho, it's another poem! I wrote this one last year during a writer's club lunchtime break, as part of an exercise. We all had to write in the style of a Particular poem by a Particular person, neither of which I remember, besides the fact that we had to choose an imperative verb and… Continue reading Weep (2022 Poem)

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Kind Strangers, Angry Strangers

While in the changing room post-swim the other day, a poster caught my eye. Christchurch City Council's new campaign, It's Cool Not to Be Cruel centres around reminding people to treat CCC's employees with basic human decency. Abuse towards customer service employees has been on the rise. Part of me was shocked to learn this,… Continue reading Kind Strangers, Angry Strangers

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Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

In a Bohemian Humanist first, I’ve opened up the floor to a guest post - an up and coming blogger who I am rather fond of. They wish to remain anonymous, but have been itching to get their work out there. Without further ado, here’s Who I Came I Out To. It was summer break… Continue reading Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

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Creaky Knees and Dopamine-Seeking Swims

I've been recovering from a knee injury recently. It turns out that knees don't like it when you go on long, erratic jogs after not running for weeks at a time. Maybe it's my mid-twenties catching up with me? It's nothing serious, just patella tendonitis. Not as concerning as the Latin would have you believe… Continue reading Creaky Knees and Dopamine-Seeking Swims

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Hey ASD (Spoken Word Poem)

There’s something theatrically sardonic about blasting Vivaldi’s Winter out your car speakers when it's a blistering 35C outside and you’re sitting in a Pak'n'Save carpark trying not to have a meltdown xo I was relegated to the car because the supermarket music was stressing me out. I forgot my noise-cancelling headphones in the car. There’s… Continue reading Hey ASD (Spoken Word Poem)

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Bribing Teenagers and Dragonfly Brain

The year has only just started and I'm already finding it difficult to turn my work brain off. Whenever I have a significant shift in my schedule, I struggle to adjust for a while. Often, a week or two (or three) is spent in limbo. Going back to school is a prime example. Does anyone… Continue reading Bribing Teenagers and Dragonfly Brain

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Windwhistle Adventures

The other weekend, some pals and I made our way to a little walking loop track by the name of Washpen Falls. It is a marvellous wee nature walk in a place called Windwhistle, if you can believe. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Bench of Gratitude, but I did manage too come away… Continue reading Windwhistle Adventures

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New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part Two)

You know what? I wasn't done. I knew when I was writing part one of this series that I had eons more to say. While my perspective (white cis straight-sized wahine plagued by ghosts of body insecurity and fear of weight gain) is not representative of everyone by any means, I know damn well just… Continue reading New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part Two)

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New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part One)

Welp, we've made it through a whole year of teaching. When did that happen? It's true what they say about time passing faster the older you get. Both freaky and kind of humbling, in a way. Just when I'm starting to thoroughly enjoy my existence, too. Not that I didn't before, but also - sometimes… Continue reading New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part One)

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Ex-Christianity Revisited: Mental Health, Autistic Burnout & the Church

This may surprise some, but I don't write-off my entire Christian past as negative. The relationship I have with that life stage is a complex and nuanced one, and I learned a lot through this time - through people, experiences and community. Autistic Burnout My mental health as a Christian teenager regularly fluctuated. I had… Continue reading Ex-Christianity Revisited: Mental Health, Autistic Burnout & the Church