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Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

In a Bohemian Humanist first, I’ve opened up the floor to a guest post - an up and coming blogger who I am rather fond of. They wish to remain anonymous, but have been itching to get their work out there. Without further ado, here’s Who I Came I Out To. It was summer break… Continue reading Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

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Hillsong Music, Twelvie Me and Decolonising God (Part Two)

So I'm now saving my discussion of teenhood with Jesus and leading kids to Christ for part three, just because it makes more linear sense - and there is a colossal amount to unpack. Philosophising at Twelve I begin with an excerpt from my 2016 blog post, The Beauty of Religion. "The unraveling of my… Continue reading Hillsong Music, Twelvie Me and Decolonising God (Part Two)

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Confronting Sexual Purity Culture

Purity culture within religion is problematic. Reflecting on my time as a Christian, this is one of the fundamental parts of it that still makes me angry, and its ghost still lingers. Today, I consider myself empowered, liberated and sex positive - yet I know I'm still affected by what I was taught by the… Continue reading Confronting Sexual Purity Culture