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Fearing the Hair

Having body hair - anywhere except on the scalp - is seen by most women as a drag, a pet peeve, or even disgusting. It's something to be ashamed of, something to get rid of, something to cover up. I understand that; I've grown up with that societal expectation around me. From friends, from family,… Continue reading Fearing the Hair

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Confession (Spoken Word Poem)

It's Christchurch Pride, and what better way to celebrate than to throwback to a spoken word I wrote about religious trauma, crushing on a straight girl, and the catharsis of coming out? (yaaaay) For realsies though, even though this is an old poem now, and I have outgrown it in many ways, I love how… Continue reading Confession (Spoken Word Poem)

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Bribing Teenagers and Dragonfly Brain

The year has only just started and I'm already finding it difficult to turn my work brain off. Whenever I have a significant shift in my schedule, I struggle to adjust for a while. Often, a week or two (or three) is spent in limbo. Going back to school is a prime example. Does anyone… Continue reading Bribing Teenagers and Dragonfly Brain

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Androgyny and Autism

If you know me, the fact that I recently buzzed my hair short is old news. It's something I had wanted to do for at least two years, but fear has held me back. Fear of what others might think, that I would hate it and would have to suffer the consequences - fear of… Continue reading Androgyny and Autism

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Inflatable Crocodiles, Dora-the-Exploring and an Angry Gust

"I looked in the rear view mirror and all I saw was 'gators" is a sentence I never imagined my girlfriend (or anyone, for that matter) uttering - but it's 2023 and anything is possible. Waitangi weekend saw my partner and I tenting at Rakahuri (Ashley Gorge). Our modest abode for the mutunga wiki She… Continue reading Inflatable Crocodiles, Dora-the-Exploring and an Angry Gust

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Visiting My Old Church Again

I honestly never expected to be posting about this, but here we are. Being Post-Christian This year marks eight years since I left the church and began my de-conversion journey. This means I’ve been 'post-Christian' and outside of the church (2015-2023) as long as I was a Christian in the church (2007-2015). It was hands… Continue reading Visiting My Old Church Again

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Windwhistle Adventures

The other weekend, some pals and I made our way to a little walking loop track by the name of Washpen Falls. It is a marvellous wee nature walk in a place called Windwhistle, if you can believe. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Bench of Gratitude, but I did manage too come away… Continue reading Windwhistle Adventures

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New Year, Same Me: Neutrality vs Positivity (Part Three)

Probably the final instalment (though who the heck knows) of this series. Positive or Neutral? Body positivity is a somewhat outdated buzzword these days. It stipulates that loving yourself is hugely important, and an aspect of this looks like feeling positively towards your body. Obviously that's not the whole picture - we are so much… Continue reading New Year, Same Me: Neutrality vs Positivity (Part Three)

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New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part Two)

You know what? I wasn't done. I knew when I was writing part one of this series that I had eons more to say. While my perspective (white cis straight-sized wahine plagued by ghosts of body insecurity and fear of weight gain) is not representative of everyone by any means, I know damn well just… Continue reading New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part Two)

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New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part One)

Welp, we've made it through a whole year of teaching. When did that happen? It's true what they say about time passing faster the older you get. Both freaky and kind of humbling, in a way. Just when I'm starting to thoroughly enjoy my existence, too. Not that I didn't before, but also - sometimes… Continue reading New Year, Same Me: Bodies (Part One)