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Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

In a Bohemian Humanist first, I’ve opened up the floor to a guest post - an up and coming blogger who I am rather fond of. They wish to remain anonymous, but have been itching to get their work out there. Without further ado, here’s Who I Came I Out To. It was summer break… Continue reading Who I Came Out To (Guest Post)

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Flexing the Gratitude Muscle: A Tempeh-Loving 90s Baby’s Exposé

Just a quick one from me today. I'm well aware of the gravity of my two previous posts. I think this calls for an explorative, gratitude-focused interruption of my doomsdayism journalling. Keeping it simple, I've decided to share an exhaustive list of current things I'm grateful for. Perhaps you could give one a go? While… Continue reading Flexing the Gratitude Muscle: A Tempeh-Loving 90s Baby’s Exposé

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Confession (Spoken Word Poem)

It's Christchurch Pride, and what better way to celebrate than to throwback to a spoken word I wrote about religious trauma, crushing on a straight girl, and the catharsis of coming out? (yaaaay) For realsies though, even though this is an old poem now, and I have outgrown it in many ways, I love how… Continue reading Confession (Spoken Word Poem)

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Androgyny and Autism

If you know me, the fact that I recently buzzed my hair short is old news. It's something I had wanted to do for at least two years, but fear has held me back. Fear of what others might think, that I would hate it and would have to suffer the consequences - fear of… Continue reading Androgyny and Autism

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JoJo x JoJo: The Interview We Never Knew We Needed

I have been going through a JoJo renaissance this past year. Ever since finding out how bad my childhood fave got fucked over by the music industry, she has come back on my radar. Perusing her recent Spotify releases, I've fallen back in love with JoJo's music. Ten years on, her lyrical storytelling has a… Continue reading JoJo x JoJo: The Interview We Never Knew We Needed

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Open Letter to Tweenage Me

Hey, tweenage Abby. How's it going? What's new? Just kidding - everything that is new for you right now is Very Old For Me. I'm double your age now, isn't that whack? We're nothing like you imagined we would be. Except for our mahi, maybe. We definitely saw that coming - even if the context… Continue reading Open Letter to Tweenage Me

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Addressing My Internalised Homophobia

Unlike most Christians (and ex-Christians), I grew up in a secular household. I now thank Ranginui, Māori god of the sky, that this was the case. In my opinion, what drew me to the Christian faith in the first place (for eight years) was my innate need for spiritual exploration, influence via Christian extended family members,… Continue reading Addressing My Internalised Homophobia