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Windwhistle Adventures

The other weekend, some pals and I made our way to a little walking loop track by the name of Washpen Falls. It is a marvellous wee nature walk in a place called Windwhistle, if you can believe. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Bench of Gratitude, but I did manage too come away from our adventure feeling heck’n thankful. I have some great weirdos I call friends x

The humble Bench of Gratitude, a Windwhistle tourist attraction in Glenroy, Horoata

Today’s post is light and fluffy; think whipped egg whites (or aquafaba, if you’re like me). I’m trying to get into the habit of weekly Wednesday morning posts – a New Year’s resolution of sorts – so we’ll see how long I last. Two days into the school year has already sent my brain whirring (in the best way), but I digress.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a bunch of nature porn taken during our haerenga.

So picturesque, so deceptive
Washpen FALLS !!
Popping a squat with the lads

That’s all from me until next wiki, e hoa mā! Let’s see how long I can keep this up…

…How do we feel about poetry?

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