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The Covid19 Diaries: Five Quality Podcasts to Quell Lockdown Boredom

I have collated a very eclectic list of podcasts near and far: from lesbians discussing books and their film adaptations, to comediennes getting horny over filmstars, to French language learning for intermediate speakers, to whakaaro Māori, whakataukī and kīwaha, to humorous and insightful intersectional feminism discussions… let’s go:

1. Boners of the Heart

Comediennes Alice Sneddon and Rose Matafeo discuss celebrities that give them boners. This podcast is pure chaos and usually devolves into conversations about completely unrelated topics – but we aren’t complaining in the slightest. Witness the rivalry of Snedheads vs Matafans, mutual pauses, Magnetic/Shmagnetic and Hot Yes/Hot Not comparisons. Always hilarious, regularly totes inappropes, 10/10 for a quality theme song bop, Alice’s absolutely hacking laugh, and a very shippable comedy duo.

Quotable Quotes:

  • On Dipsea: “It’s such a mum way to masturbate”
  • “I’ve had sex via the podcast”
  • “There’s nothing like a gorgeous home-cooked meal that’s had a lot of dirty fingers in it.”

Listen via Little Empire Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

2. Chapter One: Take Two

Join actress and writer Briana McZant and comedienne Maddy McZant in their fortnightly discussion and reviews of book to movie adaptations. The lesbian duo of my dreams, this one is for all the film fanatics and book nerds out there. Sometimes the film adaptations absolutely nail it, and sometimes they don’t even come close: in this podcast this we share the anguish of the films that fail, and the triumph of the successes, as well as everything in between. Quality banter, lots of laughs, well researched, and endlessly entertaining.

Chapter One Take Two in yellow san-serif font against an ombre purple and pink background with a microphone in the foreground

Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and BuzzSprout

3. Intermediate French by innerFrench with Hugo Cotton

Did you learn some French at high school yonks ago and now, you vaguely want to practice because you’re bored out of your mind at home during lockdown? Look no further, Hugo’s got you covered. Topics covered are varied, intriguing, and well explained. The delivery is relaxed, slow, and almost ASMR-esque and is aimed for French language learners at levels A2-B1+.

Episode Topics include:

  • L’islamophobie en France
  • Pourquoi l’humour français s’exporte-t-il mal?
  • Les enfants apprennent-ils les langues plus facilement
  • Pourquoi je suis devenu végan
  • Être Homosexuel en France

Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and innerFrench

4. Taringa

Join Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in this weekly bilingual podcast as they discuss whakaaro and tikanga Māori, learn new kīwaha and whakataukī, and settle in for some pakiwaitara too. The theme song is funky fresh, the kaupapa is on point, and the discussions are engaging and fun for all levels of reo speakers and learners.


  • Kupu, Kupu, Kupu – reo tips, grammar/wetewete
  • Once Upon a Tāima – Māori stories, legends/pakiwaitara
  • Patapātai – answering your questions!
  • Tikanga 101
  • Iwi o te Wiki and more…!

Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and PodBean

5. The Guilty Feminist

“I’m a feminist, but I worry all the time that if I were a privileged rich white man, I’d say I was a feminist, but I wouldn’t give up any of my slots on comedy panel shows or prime time sitcoms or movie deals: I’d keep them, and say I was a feminist, like I see men doing.” Comedienne Deborah Frances-White, alongside featured guests, hosts discussion on intersectional feminist issues, from: reconciling religion with feminism, to representation, to sexuality, to climate change, orgasms and more.

Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and The Guilty Feminist website.


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