This Teachering Thing

I'm as exhausted as I am exhilarated by my first proper week of full time teaching. My students are fantastic, my colleagues are a tremendously welcoming and lovely bunch, and my feet hurt a heck of a lot. This teachering thing I'm doing has has coincided with moving houses, so that has been a laugh… Continue reading This Teachering Thing

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Rumaki i te Rāwhiti | The Cactus Chronicles

I am exhausted, somewhat frazzled, yet have survived week 2 of my first ever teaching practicum. Praise be. No kōrero teka - student teaching is the wild west, and I'm the cactus: prickly, conspicuously green and always full of water. The kupu Māori for immersion also means 'to drown'. It is simultaneously both poetic and… Continue reading Rumaki i te Rāwhiti | The Cactus Chronicles