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Grieving God, Sin’s Genius and the Why Question

For at least a few years after leaving the faith, I grieved god. I didn't anthropomorphise it in this way at the time, but that was essentially what it felt like. Loss. The experience was heightened as I was both geographically and spiritually isolated for much of the pivotal first months of post-Christian life. Geographically, because I began my gap year overseas not long after leaving the faith. Spiritually, because my family were themselves secular and did not relate to the significance of the relationship I had just severed myself from. I say 'relationship' because that is precisely what it was, as bizarre as that may seem to the non-religious person. When you talk to someone daily, spend one on one time together...

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Leading Kids to Christ, Youth Groups, and Teenhood with Jesus (Part Three)

Turn and Face the Strange As a young teenager, I was very timid, very awkward, and very in love with words, sounds and songs. I was fascinated by the lyricism, poetry and prose of the bible. My favourite verses are probably: Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for… Continue reading Leading Kids to Christ, Youth Groups, and Teenhood with Jesus (Part Three)