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Ex-Christianity Revisited: God is ___

We're throwing it back hardcore, to my first ever blog post on this site, God is Good?. I was still living Bahrain when I wrote this. God is _______. Fill in the blank for me. Seriously, do it. I'm interested in this as an exercise. As a part-time boat-rocker and full-time philosophiser, I would like… Continue reading Ex-Christianity Revisited: God is ___

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Grieving God, Sin’s Genius and the Why Question

This is a belated chapter loosely branching from the four part series I wrote mid-last year, detailing my unorthodox conversion to Christianity, coming to terms with my sexuality, and subsequent deconversion. [Parts one, two, three and four available here] I hadn't initially planned to write further on the series, but there is so much more… Continue reading Grieving God, Sin’s Genius and the Why Question

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Dial-Up Days, Mother Nature and Digital Detoxing

Recently, in the dentist waiting room, I had an epiphany. As I sat there, I saw everyone was glued to their digital devices: smartphones, tablets, the whole shebang. I asked myself, how can we so socially connected and disconnected simultaneously? Then I typed these preliminary thoughts into my own mobile device... am I not the… Continue reading Dial-Up Days, Mother Nature and Digital Detoxing