Brick Phone Bliss – Day 23

It’s been over 3 weeks since I said goodbye to my iPhone and hello to my swanky Huawei HB5A2 (easily pre-2008 release, though I’m estimating). It has been so refreshing and now it just feels like second nature to text and call off this piece of ancient history.

I can honestly say it has been such a good thing for me, and I have realised that not staring at a phone for half my life frees up a wee bit of time. I feel so more engaged, if that makes sense? It has meant that when I’m out side my house, I don’t use the internet. It gives me an opportunity to be switched on – pun intended – and more in tune with my surroundings.

I encourage anyone else who is interested to try this wee experiment if they feel they’re a little too attached to their smartphone – it can only do good. If people lived life pre-iPhone all those 10 years ago, and got on okay, you can bet it is survivable. Not even just survivable, but so beneficial.

Harping on, but I don’t know what else needs to be said here. Lel.

Brick phone blisssssssss.


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