Starting Uni

What happens when you mix 74 first years, a reconverted retirement home, and an ever-increasing student loan? A whole lot of weirdness, but I’m loving every second.

Oh my, it has been a while. It’s my first post of 2017 so a belated Happy New Year to you, fine reader.

This week I moved into my hall of residence for university. It has truly been a whirlwind these past few days of meeting new people, eating quality homemade sushi, hitting Sumner beach, banana porridge mornings, outdoor movie nights, and acquiring a bounty of freebies at orientation. Hash browns on a paper napkin? Don’t mind if I do. Temporary tattoos I will never use? Sign me up.

I’m sitting in my new room that I’ve resided in less than a week, and it already feels like home. Every morning I awake to the pleasing sound of construction work outside my window, and make my way into the dining room for a student budget approved meal of tramper’s porridge. This hall has got the style of a Typo obsessed teen with an appreciation for inspirational quotes. I’m getting used to the perpetually dirty shared kitchen space, enjoying the enthusiasm for board games (at last reciprocated), and slowly getting my head around remembering everyone’s name.

Today was the first not-very-nice-day since I arrived, and has really started to feel like summer. I was in shorts and t-shirts all this week. A bunch of us even got out to the beach, which was brilliant.

I have been shuffling around some of my courses, and am actually quite excited for the start of lectures on Monday…famous last words?



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