Zucchini and Bagpipes in the Park

Yesterday has to have been one of the cutest little days ever.

I visited Anne*, an elderly woman who I stayed with when I was visiting the university campus last year. She’s pretty fantastic, and unlike me, she still has all her marbles and then some. I came for a cuppa and to pick up my school books that had been sent down there and ended up getting some homegrown produce and a bike to borrow. Score! I now have some beautiful zucchini and marrow, which I think I’ll make a ratatouille with, and an equally beautiful bicycle to try out and potentially purchase. I learned some useful bike maintenance skills as the tires were flat, the seat needed lowering, and the chain needed oiling.

Biking home, there was a pipe band playing in the park and I felt like part of a movie, like the moment was perfectly engineered by a director for emotional impact. The gardens were rosy and the weather was drizzly and cool.

Arriving home, the afternoon was a blur of study and bean burritos with much fidgeting and a generous break for Life is Strange gameplay.

My night finished off with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the news that I’ve been accepted into Christchurch Youth Choir. I am so excited about this.

Until next time!

*name changed for privacy reasons


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