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1/4 Down Already?!

I think I’m falling in love with the South Island. The image above is from outside my bus window in Hamner Springs, which is where I started writing this particular blog. I had time to kill and the site has been looking a little dry lately. Update: the trip was brilliant! Would recommend. Plus the view over the bridges are breath-taking. 

There’s a girl in my French elective who is studying verticulture at a different university. My first thought was: who comes fresh out of high school wanting to pursue wine making/study winery? I mean, good for her! I just struggle to understand how such an obscure and specific kind of study would appeal to a school leaver over something else. But the world needs wine makers, and someone has to teach them!

University is picking up the pace in ways I didn’t think possible, but I’m generally staying up to date and enjoying the challenge. I’m still finding the content I’m learning interesting and considering switching out one of my majors for Biology. The organised chaos of it all is probably contributed to by the fact that I am doing a range of extra-curriculars also. I think just one choir will suffice next year…

My neighbour had the brilliant idea of turning her windows into whiteboards using erasable markers, and now we both have our very own evolutionary phylogenetic trees of land plants for all the world to see. My only regret is my catastrophic butt plant when I fell backwards over my guitar case, after backing up to read my tree better. So painful – and loud enough that my neighbours heard…oops.

I’m now colloquially known as Farmer Abby whenever I don a pair of dungarees in my vast collection. I think it’s fitting, considering my enthusiasm for produce.

The other night’s 4am drill in the 6 degree cold marked the fourth fire alarm to go off in the 5 weeks we’ve been here… apparently set off by a bug that crawled into the alarm system.

I don’t know what else to write about so I’ll just leave it there. I can’t believe next week marks 1/4 of the way through the university year. That’s crazy – I just got here!

Until next time.


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