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Snooty Realtors, Futsal Wins and oh yeah, Assignments

The term is coming to an end, and so much has been squeezed into these last few weeks! First of all, somewhat dramatically, one of the previous owners of our hall has sold their share for the property, which has meant that we’ve had snooty real estate agents giving tours of our home while we’re living in it. One time I was in the kitchen making dinner and the agent says, “ah yes, and residents self-cater here”, locking eyes with me. It was very uncomfortable, and felt like major intrusion. I think I speak for all of us when I say it has felt like we are living in a fishbowl recently. I also don’t get why potential buyers need to view the property before they buy it: they will not be living here, their profits will be guaranteed, there is nothing they need to do to the place. I’m no lawyer, but it’s so strange and uncomfortable, and surely there’s something not quite right here?

We have also had a series of interhall sports competitions, including athletics (when most of us were up in Hamner Springs), ultimate, and futsal (YES). From what I heard, we didn’t do too great in athletics. Despite the abysmal results from our ultimate girls’ team, we had heaps of fun, and I’ve now joined yet another extra curricular…oops. Our boys’ team did really well though. Futsal was my favourite, and not just because our girls’ team won every single game and didn’t have a goal scored against us, but because I actually have some experience and skill in the game. So proud of us.

In terms of academics, much like high school, each term seems to skate along quite comfortably until wham, everything is due in those final few weeks. Well…except there’s no resubmissions here, late turn ins result in 5% grade drops each day, and failing a particular test may result in failure of the course. In other words, the stakes are higher, and it’s all about organisation.

Wishing myself and other uni students the best in these crazy final weeks before mid-semester break. Until next time!


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