P-P-Politics and Ponderings


I’m sitting on a vaguely uncomfortable vent waiting for my delayed flight at the airport. Hot air is blasting my butt right now and I’m beginning to regret the decision to wear tights. Surprise, surprise, I’m also thinking about things. I’ve had song lyrics and poems coming out of my ears these past few days. Just enjoying riding the creative wave for now – in time I could realise that they’re absolute shite, but it’s satisfying and fun anyway. I have been thinking a fair bit about the upcoming election too; how it’s my first time voting, the absolute upheaval of the Greens polls (I don’t want to talk about it), Jacinda Ardern’s revival of Labour and all her promises, and the bombardment of political memes all over Facebook. I still want to put my vote towards the party that most closely represents the things I value, but I’m worried for a potential wasted vote if they don’t hit that 5%. I don’t think there is any ambiguity over who I’m talking about here but I don’t want to give up on what’s attainable, and I hope fellow Green supporters have the same attitude.

Also side note: young people please vote! Our age group consistently has the lowest voter turnout, and have the potential to change the government. I don’t even care who you vote for, just make yourself heard, get involved and know there is value in your voice. You make a difference and your views matter.


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