Proud to be Flat Mum

I moved into my new flat on Friday evening: it has been the most stunning whirlwind and I am so pumped up for the year ahead. My right calf is very tender from too much scootering, and I should probably slouch on my bedroom carpet less – but I still don’t have the furnishings required to correct this. I feel we have chosen our flat personalities well thus far. There are going to be arguments – I expect this – but we shall resolve them in a succinct and adult way. My bed is squishy and comfortable and my bedroom walls are getting more colourful and decorated by the day; I am content.

Our internet installers are doing a terrible job of installing our internet – we’re currently experiencing a 20 working day delay, despite the final installation being scheduled for Monday (yesterday). I have so far opted to commute to university and scrounge Wi-Fi there for about 2 hours a day, and am conserving my mobile data as much as possible. It is really interesting realising how much we all rely on the internet during its absence. It has been frustrating our flat, but besides the email complaint we lodged last night there is nothing to do but wait, and hope for free stuff to help remedy our headache of an experience so far.

We don’t have a microwave yet, which is probably a good thing, because radioactivity and shit. We also don’t have a toaster, which is not that good of a thing, because I want to be able to toast my bread. Our fridges stopped refrigerating last night which was not ideal either. Before I had even moved in, that crazy hormonal weather storm (you know the one) shattered the glass of our back-door window and left a gaping hole – so we’re all scrounging more money to cover that before we can (hopefully) be paid back by our landlord. The quick fix was cardboard and gaffer tape, of course.

We may all have had to sit/lie on the floor during our first rudimentary games day whilst I ate someone else’s salted peanuts and my own dark chocolate, but that didn’t make it any less entertaining.

We have a large textbook within reach of our main bathroom’s toilet, and Cases in Strategic Management is required reading for all flat members, due to be read before the duration of our tenancy is up at the end of next summer. N.B. this was not my idea and I wholeheartedly protest it.

Our whiteboard is our hub for notices, lists, birthdays, dietary requirements/allergies, contact information and we all do a fairly good job of updating each other on our whereabouts so far, though sometimes things get lost in communication.

I love our little cul-de-sac and our lemon tree and vegetable patch; I love the flat community we have been cultivating. Six of our seven are moved in, and personally I am very excited for our final resident to arrive. See you very soon, you know who you are!



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