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Kimbra to Weinstein – Everybody Knows

I have been enthralled and in awe of a somewhat recent single by Kimbra, titled Everybody Knows, released September 2017. To my knowledge, she wrote it in response to the Harvey Weinstein cases of sexual abuse. Devastating. Her words and her musicianship have shone a light on such a dark and hideous part of our society. Not only is she an incredible writer and musician, but she is honest and upfront about a serious and difficult-to-talk-about topic. You can read her open letter to Weinstein here.

There are so many survivors out there. It angers me the sheer amount of women (and men) who have shared their experiences with me. None of it is fair, it is all whakamā and it causes deep pain, mamae, on multiple levels. During these cases of abuse, often lines are blurred. Sometimes the perpetrator was intentional in their actions, other times they weren’t even aware they were crossing a line. This is such a serious and delicate issue, but it needs to be addressed, and it needs to be discussed. It is so complex. It is mountainous. This is just one of the reasons why consent education in schools is so fundamental.

You can watch her original here:

The song was also reworked with new instrumentation and a different chord progression, with visuals telling a story of domestic violence:

Thursdays in Black is a worldwide movement, with a presence in Aotearoa, which works towards creating a world without rape and violence. I highly encourage all of my university readers to get involved in their local campus’ group (assuming it has already been established) or frontier the creation of one of these groups. If you are not a university goer, you can still get involved in high school groups, or more generally in volunteering, depending on what is appropriate to your stage in life. This work is invaluable and so so important. The statistics break my heart and they paint a story of Aotearoa that none of us should be proud of. We can do so much better.

We all deserve safe and healthy romantic and/or sexual relationships. We must strive for more than this. We must do better.


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