Cold Turkey – Day 1

Guess what I had for breakfast…? A very Instagram-worthy chia seed pudding with banana, nuts, crumbled bliss balls, and coconut sugar. I had the strongest urge to document it, which is ultimately quite embarrassing to confess. I resisted, and then I analysed what drives me to want to share my eating habits.

I think Instagram was really the social media platform that saw the trend of photographing our food arise. Next thing we know, Instagram is providing the handy added features of uploading our posts to Facebook and Twitter, all in one go. How convenient, to be able to alert all 504 of your friends/followers/subscribers/sheep that the food you eat is superior to theirs. Oh, and the invention of the infamous hashtags, which now seem to invade #everysinglemedium known to teen-kind…

I am now at peace with my breakfast sitting in my belly, myself as the sole witness of its beauty.

Anyway, I digress. It was odd today waking up to a new ringtone, and I saved a good 15 minutes at least not checking my social media accounts this morning. Walking to work, it was handy to be able to check the time without having to remove my gloves – ah, the under-appreciation of non-touch screen technology. It was also an opportunity to take in my surroundings without the distraction of music in my ears. Let me tell you, it is a rarity to see me out and about without earbuds in…

I have also, perhaps too bravely, blocked my biggest online time wasters: Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, from my computer’s browser. I can’t tell you how long that particular hiatus will last, but I’m trying!

Meanwhile I am hoping to do more reading, which I really do love when I start, but all too often neglect out of laziness.

Thought of the day: *insert lame internet meme here*


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