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This site has recently been morphing into bimonthly brain dump, but I'm letting it evolve into whatever it wants to be. Little old me has been doing some thoughtful healing/processing/living in the last few months. It's a weird time when you realise the year is over two thirds through and you look back at your… Continue reading Colours

Health & Wellbeing, Other, Religion

Bruised Egos

I'd like to interrupt my blogging hiatus once again. It has taken me a while to figure out how to do it. It has been less about writer's block and more about how much information is too much information - but I think I can trust myself to be reasonable in how I exhibit my… Continue reading Bruised Egos


The Beauty of Religion

This is probably the most public I've ever been about my loss of faith; I suppose you can't get any more public than the internet. While my first post on this blog, God is Good?, has a grumpy, cynical tone towards religion, that is not an accurate depiction of how I view the subject at all. Fairly well-known… Continue reading The Beauty of Religion


God is Good?

While travelling overseas during the last few months, I got a message from my housemate. They asked how I was, which was nice. They themself had just returned from a holiday to France. While chatting they happened to bring up the recent Nice massacre tragedy: originally they had planned to spend Bastille Day in Nice.… Continue reading God is Good?